"I have suffered from chronic arthritis for years, which resulted in a total hip and knee replacement, as well as daily pain and discomfort of the spine.  Consequently, I have sought help from chiropractors and other therapists which resulted in very little relief.


In October of 2015, I was referred to Good Life Therapy.  On my first visit, I received deep tissue and spinal manipulation along with instruction in several exercises designed to strengthen the muscles in my back and relieve the pressure on my spine.  The results were immediate.  I could walk erect, had very little pain and discomfort in my spine and less strain on my right knee.  With each visit, I have continued to improve.


I am so thankful to be a patient at Good Life Therapy.  I feel as though they have given me a new lease on life."


- Mildred W.



"I have had nothing, but amazing experiences with Ryan and the staff at Good Life Physical Therapy. Besides having a nice facility, they really invest in their patients and focus on providing the best care. Prior to knee surgery, I went to GLPT to run on their Alter G treadmill which is great. It helped keep my leg strength and cardio up without having to worry about adding to my injury. Without any doubt, I would refer friends and family to them."


- John P.




"I was referred to Good Life PT by someone at my gym after experiencing back pain for well over 6 months. The pain was negatively impacting the progression of my workouts and I felt like I was getting weaker as well as losing the enjoyment of it. In addition, I was unable to sleep through the night. After my initial assessment with Ryan, he suspected a hip labral tear to which an MRI confirmed his suspicion. After my FAI surgery, I returned to Good Life for my PT and was met with a confident and well-informed team. They understood the protocol for my recovery and worked with me to meet my goals of getting back to full strength. By far, the best part of going to Good Life is that you spend the full hour with a licensed Physical Therapist. All of the support staff are well-trained and capable as well. It has been 3 months since my surgery and I credit my quick and pain free recovery to their awesome team.


If you want the best care in Grand Rapids you must go to Good Life. Their practices are unmatched and you will never be a file with your name on it; you will always be known by your name, a well-cared for patient."


- Angela G.




"I am 61 years old and have exercised my entire life.  However, in recent years I've experienced progressively worse back pain and lack of flexibility in my lower back.  Your diagnosis of the problem and progressive exercise program has resulted in a significant improvement in my core strength and pelvic/hip flexibility.  I am now hopeful of regaining the ability to swing the golf club without pain.  Thanks again for all your help."


- Dave S.


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