How do I start Sportsmetrics™?


Sportsmetrics™ is a dynamic program to allow sport-specific customization.

Therefore, there are a few options for your athlete.


You can do any of the following:

Bill through your insurance and schedule physical therapy appointments with Dr. Julianne Smith.

Pay out-of-pocket for an one-on-one 6-week course that will be instructed by Dr. Julianne Smith.

Get a group of six or less athletes to train together and pay out-of-pocket for a reduced rate, group package.



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Good Life Physical Therapy is a Certified Clinic Site for Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation. The certification and training is provided by the world leaders in injury prevention for female athletes.

How to help my child in pain?

What is Sportsmetrics™?


Sportsmetrics™ is a 6-week formal program with Good Life Therapy's certified instructor and physical therapist, Dr. Julianne Smith. She will coach and condition athletes and teams to assist with injury prevention, return-to-sport rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

Dr. Julianne Smith will help athletes make the bridge from rehab to their game!

Why would I do Sportsmetrics™?


This 6-week program is a foundation for athletes to build sport-specific skills whether it is for soccer, basketball, football, etc.

Additionally, Sportsmetrics™ can be tailored to meet the need of the athletes ranging from speed and agility to injury prevention, or strength and conditioning to rehabilitation.

Sportsmetrics™ can also teach parents and coaches on how to implement the program. This way, everyone can benefit, not only athletes.

How would I know if my child needs Sportsmetrics™?


Female athletes are ten times more likely to sustain an ACL injury.

This program is designed for all athletes, but especially young female athletes to help reduce risk of injury and enhance performance.


Common signs and conditions to look for as a parent are as follows:

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Imbalance or Instability

Lack of Coordination (especially after growth spurt)

Leg Weakness

Repetitive Injuries

Generalized Aches and Pains

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