Neck Pain


Neck pain is one of the most common problems in today’s society. Whether you have been in a car accident or you sit at a desk for eight hours every day, Physical Therapy can be the answer to help you decrease your pain and return to your normal daily life.


The neck is also known as the cervical spine which consists of the highest seven levels of the spine and gives all of the mobility to the head. Pain and tension in the neck is also a very common cause of:



Jaw Joint Pain

Facial Pain




The cervical spine is the highway for all of the nerves that run down the arm and into the hand. This makes this region especially important for all pain and problems that you may be having in your shoulder, arm, wrist, or hand.


If you have any of these problems it is time to come in and get a comprehensive evaluation to get rid of your pain and discomfort once and for all!


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