TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint and is most commonly known as the jaw joint.


This joint can be affected by both the alignment of the teeth and various dental problems just as much as it can be influenced by the joints of the neck and the surrounding musculature. This makes the TMJ an important joint for both Dentists and Physical Therapists. The following is a list of problems that we can help with as Physical Therapists:


Clicking and popping with movement of the jaw

Decrease range of motion with either decreased opening or closing

Locking of the jaw joint

Pain with chewing food

Pain around the face


Ear pain


Most people do not think of Physical Therapy when it comes to Jaw dysfunction; however, in the medical field, we are the experts for all joints of the body.


Unsure if your problem is dental or musculoskeletal related?

 After your initial evaluation, we will have a full recommendation for further dental services from our local dentistry partners if needed!


Pain and discomfort around the jaw can be one of the most disrupting disorders due to the effect on sleeping, headaches, eating, and overall daily function. If you are having any of these symptoms, Call Today and schedule your initial evaluation!



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