Hip Pain and Sciatica



Hip or low back pain can result from a variety of issues whether injury or tension in the muscles of the buttock.

Sciatica is the symptom of pain down the leg that people may experience due to a low back problem or tension in their buttocks.


The sciatic nerve starts in one's low back, traces down one's rear, and branches down the back of the leg to the foot. Because the sciatic nerve runs down nearly half of the body, there are a number of reasons that one may become symptomatic. Some of the most common sciatica symptoms can stem from stenosis or narrowing of nerve spaces, tightness in the surrounding hip musculature, misalignment of the pelvis, or herniation of one of the lumbar discs. Sciatica symptoms may include pain, numbness, tingling, cramping, burning, and weakness in the muscles of the involved leg.




We at Good Life Physical Therapy are here to help! What kinds of treatment can you expect from us?


Treatment may include:

Manual Therapy

a. Muscle and fascial restriction alleviation including use of Active Release Technique (ART) for soft tissue

b. Nerve glides or traction.

c. Muscle energy techniques

d. Mobilizations and/ or manipulations of spine and hip to realign structures


Therapeutic Exercise and Activities: to strengthen, stretch, and reteach your body to move pain free

a. McKenzie-based mechanical diagnosis and therapy

b. Spinal stabilization and core strengthening exercises


 Modalities - to help control pain and counteract inflammation or tightness

a. Heat/ice packs

b. TENS units

c. Iontophoresis

d. Ultrasound


The best therapy treatment for someone with sciatica varies greatly from person to person. For this reason, everyone is fully evaluated and treated uniquely based on their complaints, their symptoms, and their response to specific movements. Often times it will differ extraordinarily from how we've treated your friend, neighbor, or family member. For more specific questions, feel free to Contact Us and we will do our best to help you understand what to expect!


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