Gait Analysis


Gait analysis is a complex process that involves the analysis of the two major phases of gait: stance and swing. Stance involves when your foot is on the ground, while swing is when your foot is airborne.





The analysis that we use at Good Life Physical Therapy is based on a system developed by Rancho Los Amigos based in California. It is one of the superior gait analysis systems ever developed and used by some of the best rehab hospitals in the world. It involves an assessment of your walking or running pattern based on limb positioning. We will evaluate your joint angles, muscle firing, and postural movement patterns, which will help us to decipher how your gait compares to an “ideal walking pattern”. This will tell us which muscles appear weak, tight, or limited, and where we should begin in working on positional control.


Our gait analysis is further integrated, but our use of an AlterG treadmill. The AlterG treadmill gives us the unique ability to reduce weight bearing status to as low as 20% of what you actually weigh. The treadmill is further surrounded by video cameras that give therapists the ability to specifically analyze gait patterns and dictate to patients what they are seeing. These cameras further allow patients to visualize what the therapist is referencing and make cognitive, visual corrections based on their direction.

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We do both walking and running analysis as needed by each individual patient. At this time we only do analysis for current patients. However, it is important to realize that if you are seeking an individualized analysis, it’s likely because there is an ache or pain that is plaguing you. We encourage you to Contact Us and we’d be happy to do an evaluation of your physical deficits and perform our unique gait analysis.


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