Dry Needling

Unparalleled treatment in eliminating neuromuscular dysfunction

Dry needling is a type of manual therapy, which requires the use of the filament needle. Professional education is mandatory for this type of procedure and is demonstrated through education, practical testing, and exhibiting high-levels of competency. Dry needling derived from the Eastern practices of acupuncture, but are almost completely different practices. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine and treats along the meridian system, which is more holistic. Modern Dry Needling is based on neuroanatomy, Western medicine, and scientific method, which treats along the musculoskeletal and nervous system.


Dry Needling continues to develop alongside the most current physical therapy treatments and evidence-based practices of the doctoring profession of physical therapy.

Dry Needling emphasizes connecting with trigger points to cause the muscle to contract then release. It stimulates neural pathways by disrupting the pain messages connected to your brain. Filament needles are inserted into the area of the body which produces pain and helps to alleviate the following  conditions:

Low Back Pain

Chronic Pain Conditions


Post-traumatic injuries

Post-surgical pain

Athletic injuries

Overuse of muscles

Acute and chronic tendonitis

Myofascial Injury

Neck Pain

Radicular Symptoms

Plantar Fascitis

Hip and Knee Pain

Athletic Recovery


Joint Disorder

Dry needling is a technique that is billed appropriately under your insurance. If you are currently attending physical therapy with us, your first session is FREE. Then we charge a nominal $20 copay to cover the cost of our needles.


Functional Dry Needling Packages are available!

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