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Good Life Physical Therapy will be participating in Grand Rapids Children's Museum's Community Health Resource Fair on April 27 from 5:30 to 7:30! Please join us!



We welcome physical therapists, Dr. Adam and Dr. Joshua Hanenburg to the Good Life Family!

Key Specialties

Functional Dry Needling




Good Life Physical Therapy is an outpatient orthopedic clinic located in Eastown of Grand Rapids with a primary focus on treating the active, motivated persons of the area. We excel in treating athletes with a number of new, integrative methods that are unique to the Grand Rapids area. However, Good Life PT is home to any open minded person who is feeling physically unfulfilled.


We are home to the 2-year-old child who has yet to walk.

We are home to you who has just undergone your second knee surgery.

We are home to you who is suffering from dizziness that won’t seem to go away.

We are home to you who experiences pain during every chew during your morning bagel.

We are home to you hard working person whose back hurts during every shift.

The Good Life Difference Means Real Results


The goal of the therapists at Good Life PT is to work you out of physical therapy and allow you to resume a full life doing whatever it is that you do. We believe that our treatment methods in the clinic can jump start your recovery and a quality home program will cement our goals as you continue your healing apart from us. We understand that even with good therapy, 95% of your time is spent away from your therapists. Our goals is that your recovery occurs during 100% of your life, not just the small amount of time you spend with us. Our manual therapy difference can reset, realign, and retrain your body to function as it was designed; then through collaboration we can make sure that we maintain this change. With most conditions, people experience real change within a visit or two. Working together we are confident that you can be on your way to being pain-free within 3-4 weeks.


At Good Life Physical Therapy we strive to give each patient the advantage they need to succeed in their sport, work, or home environment. Our name states who we are: a collaborative team of providers bringing new, renowned, therapeutic treatments to the city of Grand Rapids. We believe that the best therapy means treating patients and community like family.


At Good Life Physical Therapy, we will make you better, or find you the treatment that will.




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